Add character to your home with Art Deco Floor Lamp

What are Art Deco Floor Lamps?

Art Deco Floor Lamps are exclusively designed lamps, which have distinctive features. They stand tall on the floor, which can revamp your room. They come in different designs, shapes and sizes. Art Deco lamps were highly popular in the 1920s. Many creative designs and decorative features were used to make these lamps. They can have dramatic shapes, geometric and angular shapes, imagery and exotic features.

Art Deco Floor Lamp

Art Deco Floor Lamp can be made out of different materials like metal or wood. You can get a stylish lamp with a wooden carved stand for your decorative and vintage style room or a cylindrical tower stand to suit your contemporary style housing. A rustic twig cage stand can beautifully illuminate a simplistic room, a vintage bronze or brass floor lamp can add to the glamour of your living room.

You can install one of these lamps with a maiden statuesque stand with dim lights that will fit in perfectly. You can get your art deco lamp stand custom made and add exclusive features to it. A sophisticated art deco lamp with soft glowing light imparts a sense of elegance and art in your room.

Art Deco Floor Lamp

What are its wonderful features?

Well there are many features and some of them have been enlisted below,

Art Deco Floor Lamp doesn’t use up much space in your room. You can keep it at a fixed place in your room.

These lamps are light-weighed. Hence, you will not have a problem in moving them form one room to another.

There are many designs in which these lamps are available. Hence, you can go for an antique lamp or a modern lamp based on your home’s architecture and interior decor.

These lamps add character to the room and hence, make great gifts for housewarming parties.