European Curtain Makes the Room Full of Warmth and Romance

Simple European style decoration design is often famous for its smooth lines, elegant radian and delicate embellishment crafts. When choosing simple European style decoration design, we can match a modern European curtain which has a style of Europe. The modern curtain is more simple and generous with traditional golden edge and other popular elements. The European court style or splendid noble style are often used when people choose the retro decoration style. It makes the whole house more excellent.

In addition to the European noble style, another different retro style is European country style. This style often uses some broken flowers as an ornament. Different from Korean small broken flowers’ romance, the European country style is mainly a symbol of nostalgia. The style of retro flowers always shows leisure country life of Europe.

elegant european curtains

Fabric is becoming more and more popular when people decorating houses. Because it make the indoor room soft and warm, romantic and natural, elegant and gorgeous.

The European style is very popular this year. For example, enthusiastic red, bright yellow, graceful purple and vibrant green, etc, these bright colors will make people excited. The fabric of curtain trends to be light and thin, and the fabric with soft, elegant and aesthetic feeling will be widely used.


If the sitting room with tall windows is large and capacious, the budget used on the curtains will be relatively higher.So we should choose the curtain with more texture, such as exquisite silk, silk, jacquard fabric, hemp and so on. Color and design also can be gorgeous and composed as furniture. Warm red, brown, gold can be considered. This kind of curtain will also use some accessories, such as the window curtains and delicate tassels.